Award Criteria

The criteria for CABEA award includes factors such as customer experience, innovation, sustainability, marketing management, and corporate social responsibility.


This standard use in selecting winners outline the characteristics, qualities, or accomplishments that we seek for or considers when determining who will receive the award

Excellence: This criterion typically evaluates the level of achievement or accomplishment in a particular field. It may involve assessing the quality of work, performance, or contribution to the field.

Innovation: It recognizes individuals or organizations that have introduced novel ideas, methods, or solutions. Innovation can be seen as a driving force for progress and positive change.

Impact: it focuses on recognizing individuals or initiatives that have made a significant impact in a specific area, whether it be social, cultural, environmental, or scientific. The extent and significance of the impact are typically considered.

Leadership: This criterion often looks at individuals who have demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities, such as inspiring and motivating others, driving change, and achieving notable results.

Contribution to the Community: it recognizes individuals or organizations that have made notable contributions to their community or society at large. These contributions can involve philanthropy, volunteer work, or initiatives that address societal challenges.