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About CenBA

The CenBA Africa Business Excellence Awards (CABEA) is a prestigious business award that recognizes and celebrates outstanding achievements and contributions of individuals and organizations in their specific industries in the Africa business eco system.

Recognizing and celebrating these individuals and organizations contribution to the growth of the African business eco system will make Africa a very competitive continent.


Why CenBa Business Excellence Awards?

Business awards play a vital role in recognizing and celebrating the achievements, innovations, and contributions of individuals, teams, and organizations within various industries.

These award aims to foster a culture of excellence, inspire innovation, and enhance industry reputation. They provide networking opportunities, promote best practices, and drive business growth.

CenBa Africa Business Excellence award is to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements, innovations, and contributions of individuals and organizations within the African Business eco system in recognition and appreciation of their exceptional performance and success.

Aims and Objectives of CenBa Africa Business Excellence

CenBa Africa Business Excellence awards is to acknowledge, encourage and celebrate excellence amongst businesses in the African continent by giving them the opportunity to gain valuable exposure and well deserved recognition for their work and ambitions.

CenBa African Business Excellence Awards will celebrate, encourage excellence and identify those roles models (entrepreneurs) with outstanding achievements in their businesses and give recognition and inspiration to businesses that set benchmarks for best practices.

  • To showcase the region’s successful SMMEs and their contribution to the growth of the economy.
  • To promote and highlight the role that SMMEs play in the socio- economic development of Ghana and Africa.
  • To bring businesses, stakeholders and SMMEs together “under one roof” for networking and ideas sharing.
  • To help promote SMMEs development for job creation.


To be eligible, a business must be in operation for at least twelve months with significant growth potential, passionate about corporate social projects, focus on total quality management and believes in business excellence.


Every company or individual that is nominated is either proposed by our research team or nominated by a partner, will be evaluated and scored by our analysts based on set criteria.

Our research team undertakes the research and verification work to compile and select nominees who have submitted their information.

Nominations could be accepted from employees, industry experts, or entrepreneurs with a panel of judges selecting the finalists and winners.

 Nominees may be individual, sole traders, partners, franchisees or owners of limited companies and incorporated businesses.